Excellent Tutorial is not the name of just another institution. We not only value but also respect our name. We don’t claim to be jack of all trade. We don’t know many things in the world. But the only thing we know is how to get a Govt. job, in which we feel to be excellent. We also advise our students to fix a target and excel in that – this is the need of the day. You will be glad to know that most of the competitive exams are fought among 10% serious candidates only, the rest 90% are just for counting. They are either casual or multiple-job-seekers without any fixed goal. So, if you start seriously holding the hands of Excellent Tutorial, you are already ahead of those 90%.

We not only guide, but influence the students to achieve success by the following means…

  1. We provide complete study materials. No need to buy any book.
  2. 20-22 students in a batch and individual attention to each.
  3. Thrice a week classes with three hours duration.
  4. More than one teacher in each subject.
  5. Right from applying to interview – our guidance continues till success.
  6. Both online and offline tests.
  7. Saturday-Sunday classes for those who are in private sectors.