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Journey of Excellent Tutorial

Founder Amitava Misra’s career was started as a banker in SBI, and then he worked as a professional-teacher and head of an institution in Samastipur, Bihar. It is true that Bihar, being a poor state, lags in various fields of development and ranks towards the bottom in the economic ladder. However, when it comes to competitive exams, Bihar is known to produce successful candidates.

Later on, Mr Misra shifted to Kolkata and was surprised to observe that a majority of neo-graduates lacked concrete planning for their future. They were unaware of which career to pursue, the condition of the government job market, and which job would suit them best. Some even assumed that competitive exams were not meant for them. Amitava Misra believed in a philosophy that being unemployed means that time is valuable and should not be wasted rather need to put on maximum effort to achieve the desired goal.

At this critical juncture of life, a genuine mentor is necessary to achieve one’s dream job in the best possible manner. Excellent Tutorial assures its students that they will provide
such guidance and are dedicated to living up to their name.

At present, the administration and operation of this Institute are under the control and supervision of Sunirmal Paul, the head of the faculty.

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