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We at Excellent don't entrap students through show offs, gimmicks or crookery. We are not corporates, we are teachers. We are throughout transparent with all new concepts. Remember, there is no short-cut to success. Come, see, verify properly and then only join.
Amitava Misra


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Bank Jobs- PO/Clerk/ SO

Being a Graduate you are looking for a government job, but in vain." If it is true, its probable reasons may be that you

  • No longer have the tenacity to study further, want instant success.
  • Lack the diligence to labour for 8-10 months.
  • Got no training or wrong training from a wrong institution.
  • Studied less or more than required.
  • Don't know the right sector where you can get a job easily.

Ask yourself which sector will suit you

  • If you have the tenacity to struggle seriously for about 5 years, you can try for Central or State Civil Services.
  • If you can struggle seriously for about 2 years and have no phobia for maths, you can try for Staff Selection, PSC, Rail etc. (Although vacancies are irregular in these sectors)
  • If you can study seriously for a few months only (even less than a year), Banking Sector (Probationary Officer / Specialist Officer / Clerk) is the best for you.

It is the easiest to get a job in the Banking Sector because

  • Minimum 6 – 7 exams per year.
  • Short syllabus and technique oriented questions. No need to mug-up. Learn the short-cut techniques and practice vigorously – this is the only key to success.
  • Any graduate (no percentage bar) from any stream is eligible.



Biggest Mistake



To go for General Combined Course. Don't prepare for all the exams like WBCS, SSC, PSC, Rail, Bank etc. simultaneously   the outcome may be a big zero. Be a specialist candidate, not a Jack of all trade!


Escape the Trap



Beware of the trap of corporate sector who believes in 'Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hain' policy and knows business very well. You may be made to mislead by abundant security guards, all AC, costly sofa, decorated furniture, suited-booted-tied-up teachers (who themselves are students), etc. As if you were not entering an educational institute, but a 5-Star Hotel. Inveriably you will never be given the detailed Syllabus (to be taught) which is the most important for you.


What to do



One can get a job by self-preparation also – thought it may require more labour and take a longer time. So it is better to take right preparation from a right tutorial. However, the choice of the tutorial is yours.


The specialities of EXCELLENT TUTORIAL

  • You will be provided all study materials. No need to buy any book.
  • Not more than 20 – 22 students in a batch and individual attention to each.
  • Thrice a week and three hours classes. Revision classes on other three days.
  • Experienced teachers for each subject.
  • Right from applying to interview and online offline tests – our guidance continues till success.
  • Saturday – Sunday classes are available for those who are in Private Sector.
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